Founder Profile
Shilpi has spent most of her formative years growing up in Lucknow & Banaras. Ever since she went to the local bazaar with her mother at the age of 11, she was bedazzled by the astute, intricate and enrapturing designs of the handmade sarees and jewelries. Growing up, she realized that our country’s artisans are struggling to make their ends meet despite their reservoir of rare talent. This experience and realization left an indelible mark on her psyche, after which she spent 18 years working in the corporate world and saved enough money to promote the talent of Indian artisans in her own capacity. Shilpi has traversed across India to gain as much knowledge of the country’s artisans, their detailed works and designs. She has made it her life’s mission to give a boost and advance their expertise and flair in producing such startling artifacts and clothes, all made by bare hands. We at Meherkriti are inspired by contemporary designs handcrafted by talented artisans allover India. We celebrate the uniqueness each product entails which is made by artisans with exceptional skills. Enchanted by the hard work of these brilliant craftsmen and in awe of their abilities, we hope to bring forward their creativity and distinctive ideology which is more than just a product.

Our mission is to empower the skillful Indian artisans by providing them a platform that displays their art and motivates them to stay loyal to their work while we work to connect them with people who appreciate their talent and have a true liking for artisanal products.


To explore and encourage local artists and artisans by promoting and bringing their work to the homes of people looking for unique handcrafted goods. We believe in the importance of giving a handmade product instead of a mass produced one and help benefit both – the artist and the patron.